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Introduction Of Universal Cable Lockout

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The important function of using ha03506 universal valve lock is to correctly lock, freeze, close or isolate the energy source of the equipment, so that the staff can effectively control the release of energy during equipment maintenance to prevent accidents. To strengthen energy isolation management and prevent personal injury or property loss caused by accidental release of energy (misoperation). Ha03506a large universal valve lock is applicable to operation activities that may cause accidental release of hazardous energy and materials and need to be controlled. ● lockout Lock various electrical switches, valves or equipment that isolate energy with lock heads and locksets, keep them isolated from energy, and prevent wrong operation until the maintenance or commissioning work is completely completed, and then remove them. ● tagout Use the tag to warn that the equipment or system that has been isolated from energy is not allowed to be touched at will. ● personal lock: it is a safety lock marked with personal name used to lock a single isolation point or lock box. Each person has only one for personal use. ● collective lock: a safety lock used to lock the isolation point and equipped with a lock box. The collective lock can be one key with one lock, or one key with multiple locks. ● locking facilities: auxiliary facilities that can be locked, such as lock catch, valve lock, chain, etc. ● ha03506a large universal valve lock is made of industrial grade high-strength resin and stainless steel, with good impact resistance and chemical resistance ● the upper tooth trapezoid and lower tooth side openings of the are designed to facilitate the valve handle to be sleeved, and the valve handle and pipe can be locked conveniently with cables ● the suitable valve handle is 46mm wide and 30mm thick. The cable length can be selected according to the customer's use site ● ha03506a large universal valve lock is used together with another retaining arm (sold separately), which can replace door valve lock, ball valve lock and butterfly valve lock


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