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Wall Mounted Eyewash
  • Wall Mounted Eyewash
  • Wall Mounted Eyewash
  • Wall Mounted Eyewash

Wall Mounted Eyewash

Nominal Pressure:1.0MPa

Working Pressure:0.2 ~ 0.4MPa

Height of Sprinkler Head:2100mm

Shower Head Delivers:75.7L/Min

Inlet Size:RC 1-1/4 Internal Thread Height to 98 mm

Drain Size:Anywhere The Emissions


Package Size:L*W*H=750*300*250mm

Product Size:L*W*H=260*800*2340mm


·Medium: normal temperature domestic water according to sanitary standards.
·Main material: meet the national standards of special SS304 stainless steel pickling passivation treatment, than without pickling passivation of SS304 stainless steel acid alkali salt oil chemical material corrosion resistance stronger castings are all made of silicon sol process of casting, there will be no blister or bad defects like pores, relative to the density of sand mold casting process and strength higher service life is longer.
·Characteristics of dailin switch: the heavy two-piece switch with large water aperture can ensure the dailin flow reaches the standard flow. When using, pull down the dailin lever, turn on the dailin switch, push up the dailin lever after using, turn off the dailin switch handle up to 45 degrees for the closed state, turn down to 45 degrees for the open state.
·This product is suitable for use in the environment with temperature higher than 0ºC. Please pay attention to the anti-freeze insulation of pipes when using in the environment of 0ºC or below.

·Widely used in nuclear power station, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, petroleum, ship, electronic smelting, dyeing, education and scientific research, etc