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Protable Eyewash EP-BC1
  • Protable Eyewash EP-BC1
  • Protable Eyewash EP-BC1

Protable Eyewash EP-BC1

Weight:0.5 Kg


Package Size:L*W*H=320*270*90mm

Product Size:L*W*H=280*260*80mm

Production Standard:The United States ANSI Z358.1-2014

Material:High Quality PE Non-Toxic Engineering Plastics


·Performance features: wall mounted, can be replaced at any time according to actual needs. Suitable for use where there is no external water source
·Suitable place: widely used in nuclear energy, power station, pharmacy, medical treatment, chemical industry, petroleum, shipping, electronics, smelting, printing and dyeing, education and scientific research and other units, industries or fields
·Special reminder: clean water and water preservatives should be replaced every 120 days. For special eye wash, record the date when the cap is opened to ensure that the eye wash is used within the validity period.

·Usage: remove the eyewash bottle with purified water from the bracket, turn the cap counterclockwise, aim at the eyes or other parts that need to be rinsed, press the bottle hard, and then clean it. After cleaning, screw the cap clockwise and put it back into the bracket. Use this product for skin and eye flushing only as an emergency treatment, and you must seek medical treatment immediately after treatment. Moreover, the product is only allowed to be used in emergency in case of accident, and it is strictly prohibited to wash your face or hands in ordinary times.

Protable Eyewash EP-BC1