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Wall Mounted Eyewash
  • Wall Mounted Eyewash
  • Wall Mounted Eyewash
  • Wall Mounted Eyewash

Wall Mounted Eyewash

Nominal Pressure:1.0MPa

Working Pressure:0.2 ~ 0.4MPa

Eye Washing Flow Rate:11.4L/Min

Height of Eyewash Nozzle:838mm-1143mm

Inlet Size:RC 1/2'' Internal Thread Height to 1567 mm

Drain Size:RC 1'' Internal Thread Height to 98 mm

Weight:5 Kg

Package Size:L*W*H=380*380*220mm

Product Size:L*W*H=305*405*300mm


·Medium: normal temperature domestic water according to sanitary standards.
·Main material: meet the national standards of special SS304 stainless steel pickling passivation treatment, than without pickling passivation of SS304 stainless steel acid alkali salt oil chemical material corrosion resistance stronger castings are all made of silicon sol process of casting, there will be no blister or bad defects like pores, relative to the density of sand mold casting process and strength higher service life is longer.
·Switch structure and features: the switch adopts ceramic sealing surface, with small operation force, convenient for users to open quickly, more suitable for emergency use. Excellent wear-resisting and sealing performance, effective service life of more than 300,000 times. Easy maintenance, do not need to remove the switch valve body, from the side of the switch can be directly replaced the valve core, effectively reduce the maintenance cost of users.
·This product is suitable for use in the environment with temperature higher than 0ºC. Please pay attention to the anti-freeze insulation of pipes when using in the environment of 0ºC or below.

·Eye wash switch mode: manual. Only gently push the valve when using, clean water will be ejected automatically from the eyewash nozzle, and dustproof cover is set outside the nozzle, which can be automatically flushed with the water flow when using. After the eye-wash switch is opened, it is not manually operated and will not automatically close. After use, please turn off the switch and reset the dustproof cover.
·Features: heavy duty two - piece switch. The aperture of the water is large, which can ensure the standard flow rate. When using, pull down the dousing lever, turn on the dousing switch, push up the dousing lever and turn off the dousing switch. The handle of shower switch is closed up to 45 degrees and open down to 45 degrees.
·Eyewash nozzle: the eyewash nozzle is equipped with multi-layer filter screen, which can effectively filter impurities in the water and make the water flow form foam column, effectively preventing impurities in the water or secondary injuries to the injured eye nerves and injured parts due to extreme water flow. Easy to remove, clean and maintain.