Basic Knowledge of Electric Switch Lock

Feb. 24, 2020

Electrical lockout is a type of safety padlock that can serve as a warning and protection. It has the characteristics of simple and convenient operation, high practicality, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and has been widely used in China.

The maintenance and purchase of electrical switch locks have always been the key issues that customers care about. Knowing the knowledge of maintenance and purchase can enable us to purchase high-quality electrical switch lock products and extend the service life of the products.

I. Maintenance knowledge

1. Custom electrical switch lockouts cannot be exposed to rain for a long time, because the rainwater contained in the rain contains a lot of acid substances, which will corrode the surface of the electrical switch lock and shorten the service life of the electrical switch lock.

2. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the lock core of the electric switch on a daily basis, and regularly check whether there are foreign objects inside the lock core, to avoid causing blockage, which may cause the situation that it cannot be opened or cannot be opened.

3. Add lubricating oil to the lock core of the electric switch regularly to make the opening process of the product smoother, at the same time reduce the oxide layer caused by the long use time of the product, and improve the service life of the electric switch lock.

4. Pay attention to the thermal expansion and contraction of the electrical switch lock due to the change of the season. The thermal expansion and contraction of the product will affect the gap between the lock body and the key of the electrical switch, making it larger or smaller, so make sure the lock. The reasonable coordination between the body itself and the key gap can ensure the reliability of the electrical switch lockouts and ensure the smooth operation of the product.

Electrical Lockout

Electrical Lockout

2. Purchase knowledge

1. When buying electrical switch lock products, we should check the surface treatment of the products. Because the products need to undergo some special treatments such as anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation before leaving the factory, the performance of the electrical switch lock is better. The surface of the treated product will have a protective film to achieve the anti-corrosion and oxidation effect for the electrical switch lock products. Greatly improve the performance of electrical switch lock products, which is conducive to the use of users. So we can use this to determine the pros and cons of the product.

2. There are many domestic manufacturers of electrical switch locks. The quality and performance of electrical switch lock products on the market are different. Some small manufacturers use hollow and inferior materials to make electrical switch lock products for economic benefits. There are great problems with the quality of electrical switch lock products, and there are also great safety risks during the use of the products, which cannot guarantee the reliability of the products. Therefore, when purchasing, you can weigh the product. If it is light and the surface is rough, then it is a product made of inferior materials.

3. There are very strict standards for electrical switch locks at home and abroad, and a small number of small manufacturers will save the cost for the sake of economic benefits, and do not perform manufacturing in accordance with national standards. The quality and performance of the product are far from national standards. This type of electrical switch lock products often cause certain safety accidents in the process of use. Therefore, when choosing products, try to select some well-known and economically strong manufacturers In general, these major manufacturers will comply with standard production, and have a comprehensive product after-sales service system, do not worry about product after-sales problems.

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