Design Considerations for Valve Locks

Feb. 17, 2020

Design purpose of valve lock

In electric power construction, not every traffic violation safety incident can be handled safely. It is precisely because of this objectivity, coupled with the low cultural literacy of some employees, weak awareness of safety responsibilities, and the one-sided nature of serious harm to traffic violations. Causes serious harm.

Installation and maintenance operators often cause safety accidents due to the misoperation of the operation, maintenance and construction teams, causing huge losses and pain to the country, enterprises and families. In order to prevent safety accidents, a set of safety equipment is designed to prevent human factors from misoperation after long-term manufacturing experience. The valve lock provided by human factors can avoid misoperation caused by human factors, and can be widely used in petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas fields, gas, power plants, nuclear power plants, metallurgy and other industries. The installation and disassembly are simple and convenient, the actual operation is convenient, the appearance is atmospheric, and there is no danger of any place, natural environment, environmental humidity, etc. It does not damage the actual operation of all machinery and equipment, and does not damage all normal applications of the gate valve. It can be operated according to different gate valve specifications, models and sizes.

Second, the characteristics of valve safety locks

1. Depending on the application of the gate valve, the valve lock can be made of raw materials such as Q235 or stainless steel plate. Raw materials can be customized and fully integrated into various needs.

2. Design credibility and consistency without maintenance;

3. Compact design, production and manufacturing, and easy operation;

4. Easy to connect with gate valve, unique and convenient to use, will not be harmed by natural environment, temperature, site and erosion;

5. Low production cost, convenient practical operation, simple and convenient installation and disassembly, favorable belt, high safety factor, strong and durable;

6. It is widely used in many manufacturing industries.

Gate Valve Lockout

Gate Valve Lockout

What factors should be considered when purchasing a valve lock?

Industrial valve lock is a very important auxiliary machine during operation. This concerns the need for safe operation. Some gate valves are normally open and some gate valves are normally closed. Therefore, safety factors must be considered to prevent misuse. Therefore, the designer has designed a valve lock suitable for normally open, normally closed gate valve applications or temporary applications to ensure that operators and non-operators can prevent the gate valve from being operated by mistake.

The time for valve locks to enter the Chinese sales market is still very short, and the valve products on the sales market are uneven. Therefore, the following points must be taken into account when selecting brand, model and size valve locks:

1. Select a well-known brand with high reputation and unique characteristics or a regional agent of a well-known brand with sufficient comprehensive strength for economic development and a stable service network to ensure service items and after-sales services to prevent disputes caused by product quality issues.

2. Gate valve is divided into gate valve, disc valve, globe valve and rotary valve. Therefore, when selecting a valve lock, the type of gate valve required should also be specified.

3. The valve lock can be selected from a variety of materials, and the appropriate hardware lock can be selected according to the natural environment in which the hardware lock is applied, such as gas drying, high temperature and corrosion resistance.

4. Look at the test standards. Countries around the world usually have very strict specifications for hardware locks. Small manufacturers do not follow specifications to reduce costs, while well-known brands usually follow specifications.

5. The valve lock has different specifications. The gate valve considers different specifications and chooses a matching valve lock.

6. Check whether the signs and labels of the valve lock package are complete (including national standards, grades, manufacturer names, detailed addresses and delivery dates), whether the turnover materials are firm, and whether the contents of the instructions are consistent with the goods. Beware of exaggeration and disagreement with objective facts.