The Differences of Safety Locks in Domestic And Foreign Markets

Mar. 27, 2020

According to analysis, the current custom security brand padlocks market is mainly engaged in the consumption of intermediate and advanced security lock products, while the development of the security lock industry is affected and restricted by many factors.

Poor brand awareness is the main factor restricting the development of the industry. According to reports, the poorest brand awareness is most indirectly reflected in the lack of investment in design, research and development, purchase of advanced equipment and molds, creation of professionals and after-sales service.

The safety lock industry is both a traditional industry and a close connection with high-tech skills. A lock seems simple, but it can be achieved through 110 procedures. As long as it has advanced design water temperature and equipment and high-quality professionals, it can be consumed. Produce high value-added products. For example, the same original data, the use of different equipment and molds to produce a completely different product quality. This is particularly evident in the development of high-tech content products. For example, Germany has already consumed silent locks, and the market price has reached more than 400 euros per handle.

Cable Lockout

Cable Lockout

At present, the domestic security lock market is dominated by consumer padlock industrial safety locks. In the development history of the safety lock industry, manufacturing is no longer a problem, but what is perfect is the R & D ability. As a large manufacturing country, the consumption of safety lock products, like many other industries, takes the form of domestic R & D and domestic processing and consumption.

Among the export products, high-end products only account for 15% to 20%, while China's high-end products can only be regarded as mid-range products in a prosperous country, and the low price has become a widespread sight. Research and development ability has opened the biggest gap between China's safety locks and domestic brand products. On the other hand, brand awareness has also become a bottleneck in the development of the safety lock industry. People in the industry believe that poor brand awareness is a broad picture of China's security lock industry, which is mainly related to the industry's more special experience.

In fact, the consumption of safety locks in China has a long history like other traditional industries. China's original 270 safety lock consumer companies, many of which have a century-old brand, whether it is design level, advanced equipment or personnel quality are on par with the prosperous country. However, as market innovation and competition intensify, the "three-ring" locks with a history of more than 70 years are the only products with independent security lock brands among export products.

Many security lock companies are in the process of "purchasing the first bucket of gold" and basically have to take care of cultivating brands. The development history is short and the endpoint is low. Compared with foreign brands with a century-old history, young brands have a natural "lack of energy". In fact, a new round of skill price competition in the safety lock industry has begun, and high-end products with high skill content will develop significantly in the future.

In recent years, with the rapid development of pillar industries such as housing, automobiles, high-end office buildings, and hotels, as well as the demand for highly defensive security lock products from the defense, public security, and financial systems. Because high-end security locks have a high level of technology and more animalistic and characteristic features, product profits are also relatively high. Coupled with the slowdown in the generation of security lock products, high-end security locks will gradually become the mainstream of the security lock market. The situation of security locks is very good, and the outlook is bright.