[Safety locks supplier]How to choose to buy safety locks?

Jun. 11, 2019

How to choose to buy safety locks?

High security Laminated Padlock supplier shares that security locks the concept into the domestic market is still very short time, the safety lock on the market of the product is uneven, the good and bad are intermingled, many enterprises procurement staff in selecting some uncertain security locks, so users should choose high visibility, has a long history of big brand or brand agent, because they have enough economic strength and stability of the network system to guarantee and after-sale service, avoid disputes caused by product quality problems.

1. Look at the surface treatment

Before lock is left factory, want to pass electroplate commonly, spray or chromatic, these steps are advantageous to lock itself, because pass this series of processing, can form a protective film in lock surface, can rise the action that prevents corrosion to fight oxidation. Users can directly measure the quality of locks through this point.

High security Laminated Padlock supplier

2. Weight ratio 2 feel

The lock that cuts corners USES hollow inferior material to make commonly, weigh in hand rises not only light, and use feel to rise to also be poorer.

3. Look at the safety standards

Domestic and foreign have very strict standard to hardware lock, small manufacturer can be carried out not by the standard to save cost, and big brand can abide by a standard commonly.

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