How To Choose Electrical Safety Lockout

Apr. 26, 2021

How To Choose Electrical Safety Lockout

Safety lock products are uneven in the market. In good and bad, many corporate purchasers are choosing some uncertain safety locks, so users should choose high-brand or brand agents, because we have enough economic strength and stable network system to guarantee an after-sales service, avoiding disputes caused by product quality problems.

Check the state of surface treatment

Before leaving the factory, the lock generally needs to be electroplated, sprayed, or pigmented. These steps are beneficial to the lock itself because, after this series of treatments, a protective film will be formed on the surface, which can play the role of corrosion and oxidation resistance. The user can directly measure the quality of the lock through this device.

Weight ratio hand feel

The locks that cut corners use hollow and low-quality materials to make them commonly, which are not only light in hand but also feel bad to use.

Check safety standards

There are very strict standards for hardware locks at home and abroad. Small manufacturers will not abide by the standards in order to save costs. Big brands generally follow the standards.

Safety lock maintenance

1. The lock should not be exposed to rain for a long time. Rainwater contains nitric acid and nitrate, which will corrode the lock.

2. Keep the lock core clean at ordinary times, and don't let foreign matter enter the lock core, making it difficult or even impossible to open.

3. Regularly inject lubricating oil, graphite powder, or pencil powder into the lock head to help reduce the oxide layer left by long-term use.

4. Pay attention to the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the weather (wet in spring and dry in winter), ensure reasonable coordination between the lock body and the key, and ensure the smooth use of the lock.

The industrial safety lock is a lock used for padlocks in workshops and offices. It is to ensure that the energy of the equipment is absolutely shut down so that the equipment is maintained in a safe state. Locking prevents accidental movement of equipment that could result in death or injury. There is a purpose is to play a warning role, such as the fire protection equipment in the mall lock, different from the general role of anti-theft lock.

Safety Lock

Its purpose is to ensure that workers or related personnel working on the machine are not harmed.