How to Distinguish The Quality of the Lock Core?

May. 06, 2020

Waterproof Padlock supplier introduces you to:

1. Good lock requires good materials

The quality of the lock cylinder is closely related to the quality of the material. A certain degree of hardness and toughness is required, and it must be resistant to wear and tear. The locking nails are preferably made of stainless steel or nickel alloys, such as copper wire, iron wire, and plastic, which have poor anti-theft properties. The hardness is higher, and the material of the key is also more particular, at least wear and tear.

In fact, you can figure out how good this lock core is from the key. The more precise the key, the clearer and smoother the hole position and slot position, the more obvious the depth and the more obvious the unevenness of the lock core, the quality must be better. On the contrary, if the key is rough, the slot is not clear, the depth of the hole is not obvious, and the original color of the hole is different from the color of the key on the surface of the key, the quality must be poor. To put it simply, a good lock cylinder, even if it looks from the outside, is more eye-catching and more elegant than a poor lock cylinder.

2. Mixed structure based on rationality

The rationality of the structure of the lock core is crucial to the quality of anti-theft. The industry generally believes that a single structure is worse than a mixed structure. This is because each structure has its advantages and disadvantages. A single structure is prone to large-scale structural security problems. After a certain secret is not cracked, it is prone to large security problems. We often encounter how many doors of a certain place are collectively opened, which is generally a single-structure anti-theft lock. The locks of two to three hybrid structures have much higher comprehensive capabilities. Consumers must choose a hybrid structure when choosing a lock core.

Durable Safety Padlock

Durable Safety Padlock

3. The higher the precision, the better the quality

The precision of the lock cylinder is given by the design lock. Higher precision often means more reliable quality. For the manufacturer, the lock core produced by fully digital design is much smarter than the lock core installed at random.

4. The anti-break opening device is like a cold-proof coat

It is often heard that most of the locks are "preventing gentlemen but not villains". This is true after seeing many inferior locks on the market. The anti-breaking device is like a warm coat in winter, and a good lock must be provided. The anti-destructive opening mainly comes from several settings: anti-twist setting, anti-knock setting, and anti-drilling measures.

5. The anti-copying key, safer and more careful

The progress of the lock making industry has also made the key complex simple. A phone taking a picture of a key may be copied by someone with ulterior motives. Therefore, the process of the lock core before delivery is also very important. At present, some manufacturers use cans for packaging, which is one of the better ways to solve this problem. This eliminates unnecessary hassles through processes such as locksmiths, installers, and salesmen.

In summary, it is not difficult to buy a durable safety padlock. You only need to pay more attention to the five aspects of material, structure, processing accuracy, anti-vandal setting, and anti-copy protection to increase the possibility of choosing a good lock. Choosing a good brand with a good reputation and excellent quality is also an important shortcut.