How To Use The Emergency Eyewash?

Dec. 09, 2020

How To Use The Eyewash?

Eye wash station is a kind of effective, safe, and protective equipment that quickly minimizes the hazard when toxic and harmful substances (such as chemical liquids, etc.) are sprayed on the staff, face, eyes, or fire that causes the staff to catch fire.

1.When to use eyewash

When the eyes or body of the on-site operator comes into contact with toxic, harmful, and corrosive chemicals, the eyewash can be used for emergency flushing or showering of the eyes and body, mainly to avoid further harm to the human body caused by the chemical substances, and to The body undergoes preliminary processing.

However, eyewash products are only used in emergency situations to temporarily slow down the further harm of harmful substances to the body, and further treatment and treatment need to follow the doctor's guidance.

2.How to use the eyewash

1)Remove the dust cover of the eyewash nozzle.

2)Open the on-off valve of the eyewash to let the water flow out.

3)Use index and middle fingers to open and fix the eyelids.

4)Put your head forward and clean your eyes with clean water under appropriate water pressure for at least 15 minutes.

5) Go to the nearest medical institution for further treatment in time.


There should be tall, obvious signs within the scope of the eyewash, and there should be good lighting conditions nearby.

When under conditions that may cause freezing, the sprinkler should be anti-freezing or anti-freezing equipment should be installed.

The rinsing fluid should be warm. In some cases, the temperature of the rinsing fluid will accelerate the reaction speed of the chemical, and provide the most suitable temperature for each device, generally 16-38°C.

When the device is correctly connected to the flushing fluid supply source and the ball valve is closed, visually inspect the connection for leaks.

The spray ball valve or eye wash station or face wash/eyeball valve should be able to open within one second or one second. It has the ability to resist corrosion. The ball valve can be opened manually or automatically. After the ball valve is opened, it will not automatically close unless the user intentionally closes it.

Eye wash station

Employees who may be exposed to harmful substances should inform them of the location of the eyewash and the correct use method.

It is recommended that the eyewash and shower equipment be activated at least once a week to see if they can operate normally.

The eyewash and shower equipment need to be inspected once a year to check whether the equipment is in good condition.

There should be a dust cap on each nozzle of the eyewash. When using the eyewash, the water flow will automatically open the dust cover. The dust cover is connected to the eyewash by a stainless steel wire chain. When the eyewash is not in use, a dust cap should be placed on the nozzle to ensure that the nozzle of the eyewash will not be blocked by dust or other substances.

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