Tips on the use and maintenance of safety padlocks

Aug. 12, 2019

Tips on the use and maintenance of safety padlocks:

In all of the safety lock breed, durable safety padlock is a common kind of locks, safe padlock style is varied, there are a lot of the style of the novel design, beautiful and chic, so people have a special liking to safe padlock is, can not only ensure the safety protection, but also can play a decorative role, but many people may not know how to maintain its own security padlock, in fact, the safe padlock as long as it is in use process pay attention to the following several aspects of maintenance, can guarantee safe padlock normal use for a long time.

First, to make the lock body transmission parts of the lock often maintain lubricant, so that the safety padlock to maintain smooth transmission and extend the service life of the lock. Want to check the use case of lock regularly so, ask half an year to check commonly, want fastening screw especially loose, if have loose, should undertake fastening in time.

Two, dustproof safety padlock in the use of a period of time, even if there is no astringently or not smooth problem, also want to regularly is half a year to lock core maintenance, generally put the pencil broken or graphite powder into the lock core slot, insert the key to forward several times, so the key can be inserted smoothly. But oil should not be added to prevent grease from sticking to the marbles and making them difficult to unlock.

38mm Insulation Shackle Safety Padlock

38mm Insulation Shackle Safety Padlock

Three, the installation of the high safety padlocks should carefully look at the relevant instructions, according to the requirements of the instructions for installation, especially to recognize the installation center distance, applicable scope and opening method.

Four, usually pay attention to keep the lock body clean, be sure to prevent foreign bodies into the lock core pin groove, causing the beginning is not smooth or unable to open. If the key is not open, you can use kerosene, gasoline or rust lubricating oil to add the lock core, and then insert the key to repeatedly insert rotation.