Padlock Unlocking Principle

Mar. 05, 2020

Padlock is deft cabinet flexibility is tall, what also is used in the family is more, the article such as the drawer in the home and stationery box can use padlock lock, but the key of padlock lost how to do, if we lost the key, how should do?

Padlock is deft cabinet flexibility is tall, what also is used in the family is more, the article such as the drawer in the home and stationery box can use padlock lock, but the key of padlock lost how to do, if we lost the key, how should do?

Padlock how to open, open the lock before the lock technology practice: the first thing to do is to remove the lock, and then understand the internal structure of a variety of locks, with the dislocation method open principle to further deepen the impression of the lock open.

Method 1

Hit the lock to open the lock method: a piece of metal plus a thin metal wire, metal sheet to be like the kind of pen cap, one end of the 90°fold, catch the keyhole used for rotating force, metal wire in the keyhole near the billiard to sweep back and forth, good luck can open.

Method 2

Take a piece of tough, thin metal wire (the one on the key chain is fine), bend a small part at an Angle of about 135°, and extend it to the deepest part of the keyhole.

Methods three

A dustproof padlock usually has a lock core. In addition to the hole for the key, there are several round holes in the lock center. These holes correspond to the holes in the lock body, and a spring and two copper pins of different height can be placed in the lock.

After the key is inserted, because the tooth position is high and low, the two marbles are on top of different heights, if all the two marbles in the hole and the circumference of the lock center is equal, the lock center can be turned in the lock body, then, the lock is opened.This is how padlocks work.If the padlock key is lost, you can purchase a master key. Master keys can open a variety of padlocks.

Method of three-ring padlock unlocking:

In the three ring lock marbles, there is a kind of called i-shaped marbles, the shape of the marbles is not easy to move, but it is not to say that the absolute can not be opened, for the time of the locksmith, it is still difficult.The lock is h - bead, usually at least one still requires the standard < on the marble >, that is, rarely more than four h - bead.The purpose of using standard marbles is to make sure that the keyhole and the pinball eye can be aligned, so that the key is more smooth when inserted and extracted.

When an i-shaped marble is lifted due to the rotation of the center of the lock, the i-shaped head will touch the shoulder of the eye of the marble, and cannot be lifted up, that is, retract to the eye of the marble.To solve this problem, it is necessary to be very careful to push the rotating force of the bar, and apply a very light rotating pressure to the marbles. The situation of the marbles is to use a single hook without testing, and the difference between the standard marbles and the h-shaped marbles in the retraction can be felt.To the full top of the i-shaped marbles, to know the appropriate playback, (three ring lock in playback because the lock itself is elastic, so the playback strength is not good to grasp), there is a method called "push ten times three", {hit a ratio, to open the direction of 10 degrees, in playback 3 to 4 degrees}.It is necessary to relax the rotating force of the reverse locking center so that the big head can pull back from the blocking of the eye edge of the marble. However, the lock has always been the heart of the opposite, may also make the original has been good on the marble fell down again and was locked.

If this happens, you must start over with another marble until you are successful.

Aluminum Padlock Red

Aluminum Padlock Red

Aluminum padlock red unlocking principle:

Look for the book clip that USES clip paper to use, the steel wire on this kind of book clip is fine enough, and hardness is better also, not easy bend.Every bookstore or stationery shop has a sale, and the price is not expensive, a few cents. According to the size of the lock to choose the appropriate thickness and length of the book clip wire.

The steel wire on the book clip is taken off, the steel wire is twisted straight with pliers first, the one end of the steel wire is twisted into 135 degrees Angle, the length of the twist Angle is about 5 millimeters, according to the size of the lock can be adjusted appropriately.

Twist the other end of the wire into a 90 degree Angle, the length is not limited, easy to open the lock, with the hand to pull the wire.

After the wire is finished, along the direction shown in the picture, insert the lock core, close to the narrow side of the deep insertion, until you feel inserted to the end, the end of the judging standard: after the end of the insertion, you can gently twist the wire, but also can feel the rotation of the spring inside the lock.

After putting the wire in, twist the wire in the opposite direction.If the spring inside the lock is moved, the padlock lock tongue will contract with the spring into the lock and the lock will be opened.