Safety Lock Characteristics

Oct. 24, 2019

Safety padlocks are a type of safety locks. Safety locks are usually classified into safety padlocks, electrical switch locks, heavy duty aluminium padlock, electrical plug locks, circuit breaker locks, valve locks, and cable locks,safety aluminium hasp lockout. Usually, safety padlocks are used with other safety locks. Safety padlocks can be used alone, while other security locks can't, so the application of security padlocks is very extensive, and the market demand is also very large.

Safety Padlocks With a management function, a padlock can be equipped with multiple keys. These keys are divided into a variety of functions due to different functions and permissions. Usually these keys form a key management system for security padlocks:

No key open series: Each safety padlock has a unique key, and the lock and lock cannot be opened together;

Open the key series: All the safety padlocks and security padlocks in the group can be opened to each other. Any one or several keys can open all the padlocks in the group. Multiple groups can be specified, and groups and groups cannot be opened to each other;

Different open universal key series: Each security padlock in the designated group dominates the unique key. The security padlock and the security padlock cannot be opened together, but there is a master key to open all the security padlocks in the group; multiple groups can be customized. The master keys cannot be opened, but a higher level master switch can be assigned to open all group padlocks;

Open the universal key series: After the multiple sets of the same key series in the group, if you want to specify the higher level supervisor to open all the groups, you can add the same universal key.

the difference

heavy duty aluminium padlock

heavy duty aluminium padlock

The shape of a security padlock is similar to that of a normal civilian padlock, but there are many differences between a security padlock and an ordinary civilian padlock.

Safety padlocks are generally ABS engineering plastics, while civilian padlocks are generally metal;

The main purpose of the security padlock is to warn and not to prevent theft. The main purpose of the ordinary civilian padlock is to prevent theft;

The lock beam of the safety padlock cannot be automatically opened, and has the function of retaining the key, while the ordinary civil padlock is just the opposite;

Ordinary civilian padlocks are generally a lock with a key, while a security padlock can generally be equipped with multiple keys, divided into management locks and ordinary locks;

High security Brass Padlock are often exposed to acid and alkali environments and require special handling, while civilian padlocks are generally not used.