Quality standards and precautions when purchasing safety locks

Jun. 22, 2019

Quality standards and precautions when purchasing safety locks shared by safety padlock manufacturer.

One, lock core choose and buy skill

1. Before buying a lock to see how much tooth to judge the quality of the lock core, mainly to see the structure of the lock core, the blade side column structure is often better than the traditional marble structure is much better, pick the lock when the best to find a professional teacher to consult according to the situation to pick.

2 pick lock by jin weigh two, one weight two see the lock core. The heavier the weight, the better the quality of the lock core, the more beads in the lock core, the better the anti-theft function.

3. Choose the lock core to see the color, than the color to see the work. The lock core with good quality is electroplated, with smooth surface and bright color. Among them, the color of deep yellow is copper core, relatively strong, better anti-theft performance, lock core color is dim, the color of gray bubble is zinc alloy, anti-theft performance is general.

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Second, the purchase of security locks

1. Look at the surface treatment

Before lock is left factory, want to pass electroplate commonly, spray or chromatic, these steps are advantageous to lock itself, because pass this series of processing, can form a protective film in lock surface, can rise the action that prevents corrosion to fight oxidation. Users can directly measure the quality of locks through this point.

2. Weight ratio feel

The lock that cuts corners USES hollow inferior material to make commonly, weigh in hand rises not only light, and use feel to rise to also be poorer.

3. Look at safety standards

Domestic and foreign have very strict standard to hardware lock, small manufacturer can be carried out not by the standard to save cost, and big brand can abide by a standard commonly. SEEGLE SEEGLE, as the cooperation brand of baden and SEEGLE, leads the trend of PPE and industrial safety, and introduces advanced production technology from the United States. Its locks meet the requirements of OSHA occupational safety and health standards.

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