The Difference Between Safety Padlock And Common Padlock?

Jul. 12, 2019

Because of its management function, a Safety Cable Padlock can be equipped with many keys. These keys are divided into many kinds because of their different functions and permissions. Usually these keys constitute the key management system of a safe padlock:

Unopened Key Series: Each safety padlock has a unique key, the lock and the lock can not be opened each other;

Open Key Series: Make sure that all the security padlocks and security padlocks in the group can be opened to each other. Any one or several keys can open all padlocks in the group. Multiple groups can be designated and can not be opened between groups.

Different series of universal keys: each safety padlock in the designated group controls the only key, the safety padlock and the safety padlock can not be opened each other, but a universal key can open all the safety padlocks in the group; multiple groups can be customized, the universal keys between groups can not be opened each other, but a higher level master key opening place can be designated. There are group internal padlocks.

Padlock Industrial Safety Locks

Co-open Universal Key Series: After multi-group co-open key series, if you need to designate a senior manager to open all groups, you can add co-open Universal Key.

The shape of Padlock Industrial Safety Locks is similar to that of common civil padlock, but there are many differences between safety padlock and common civil padlock.

Safety padlocks are generally ABS engineering plastics, while civil padlocks are generally metal.

The main purpose of safety padlock is to warn but not to prevent theft, while the main purpose of common civil padlock is to prevent theft.

The lock beam of the safety padlock can't automatically pop up and has the function of retaining keys, while the common civil padlock is just the opposite.

Ordinary civil padlock is usually a lock with a key, and security padlock can be equipped with more keys, divided into management locks and ordinary locks;

Safety padlocks are often exposed to acid and alkali environment, which requires special treatment, while common civil padlocks are usually not used.