Safety Procedures and Regulations for Shutdown Labels

Nov. 18, 2020

High Safety PadlocksThe lockout procedure can only be performed by trained and authorized personnel, and should be performed in the following order:

1. Prepare to shut down. This will include:

  • Determine the equipment to be locked and the energy used to operate the equipment.

  • Determine the potential hazards of the energy

  • Determine the method of controlling energy-electrical, valve, etc.

2. Notify all affected employees and let them know who locked the device and why.

3. Turn off the device in accordance with the agreed procedure.

4. Isolate all energy in the equipment and ensure that all stored energy has been removed from the equipment. This can include:

  • Exhaust and flush the pipeline with liquid or gas

  • Heat or heat dissipation

  • Release spring tension

  • Release the retention pressure

  • Parts that may fall due to gravity

5. Use appropriate locking devices to lock energy device controls such as switches, valves and circuit breakers, and secure them with safety padlocks

6. Use the appropriate custom valve lockout

  • The labels used must be clearly visible, with eye-catching warnings to warn employees of the danger of re-energizing the equipment

  • The label must be durable and firmly fixed on the locking device

  • The label details must be filled in completely

7. Test the energy device controls to ensure that the device is locked.

8. Put the safety padlock key in the group lockbox, and use your own personal padlock to secure the group lockbox.

9. Everyone who works on this equipment should put his personal padlock on the group lock box before starting maintenance work.

10. Perform maintenance, do not bypass the lock. Maintenance work should be carried out in conjunction with the "work permit" document.

11. After the maintenance work is completed, please reactivate the device according to the agreed procedure.

Remove all placed blocks, and then reinstall all safety guards.

  • Remove the personal padlock from the group lockbox

  • After taking out all personal padlocks from the group lockbox, the key to the high safety padlocks will also be taken out and used to take out all the locking devices and tags.

  • Restart the device and test to make sure everything is normal.

  • Cancel the "work permit" and exit the job.

  • Let relevant employees know that the equipment is ready.