What is the difference between a security padlock and a normal lock?

Aug. 08, 2019

What is the difference between a security padlock and a normal lock?

Since safety padlock has distinction with common distinction on the name, its also have difference of many sided in use naturally, so what kind of distinction does this kind of padlock have with common lock? First of all, there is a big difference in the purpose of use. The use of security padlocks is to play a warning role, but not for anti-theft, and ordinary locks are for anti-theft. However, it should be noted that although the padlock is not intended to prevent theft, its own initiative is more important than the ordinary locks.

Again, when the user USES durable safety padlock, production material also has very big difference. Ordinary locks are made of metal materials, so they have good durability. And the production material of padlock is mostly WBS material. Although this material to hardness and metal than hard, but it has better corrosion resistance in use, can let it in use have a longer life expectancy, also in the process of using a greater convenience, of course, different manufacturers to its materials have some differences, for abs material, the same also has its quality differences.

industrial safety lock

Industrial Safety Lock

And there are big differences in how locks are opened. If is ordinary locks in its open, also is a key to open a lock, in the middle there won't be any string, but the padlock is different also, it is according to the user's request to customize has, or is a key to open the existing lock, also or is in the open access restrictions, and so on, and this is ordinary compared to the locks. Because of this, the requirements of the padlock is higher, higher requirements on the manufacturers, it is precisely because of this, when the user chooses the padlock, also need to have a careful choice of the manufacturers.

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