What Is a Lock Tag?

Aug. 12, 2020

A lockout Tagout is a secure method of ensuring that the energy isolation device and the controlled device are removed by placing the appropriate locking or marking device on the energy isolation device in accordance with established procedures.

Why use a lock tag?

Shutdown/listing standards and equipment are used to protect employees from harmful energy sources on machines and equipment during maintenance and upkeep. As safety regulations continue to improve, it is important to ensure the safety of workers working on motors and valves. A large number of industrial accidents today are caused by uncontrolled energy release or accidental start-up of machinery or equipment.

The main injury to a lock/tag is also known as the "Fatal five" :

Nonstop equipment

Keep the power on

Does not dissipate residual energy

An unexpected restart of equipment

Do not clear the workspace before restarting

Do not clear the workspace before restarting

Energy Control plan

Every workplace needs to have an effective energy control program that is specific to the type of machine and equipment being maintained. Many dangerous energy accidents can be avoided by ensuring that the correct locking/listing procedures are used and using high-quality locking/listing equipment. In order to carry out repair or maintenance work on industrial equipment safely, workers undertaking this task must be fully aware of the importance of energy control and how to properly apply energy isolation and latching marks.

Lockout Tagout

Lockout Tagout

An effective energy control process will include the following:

High quality, durable and reliable locking devices will cover all mechanical and electrical applications

A tailored lock/hang up solution will help you develop and implement a lock/hang up program in an effective manner

Appropriate, documented and customized locking/listing procedures are compliant with OSHA

Staff should be trained in classrooms and "on the floor" environments to ensure they are well informed about the control of dangerous energies. Lockout audits shall be conducted periodically. Equipment identification and classification, energy control labels and stop and stop signs should also be implemented.

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