What is the advantages of padlock

Oct. 31, 2019

When you come home after a tired day's work, full of joy, only to find that you forgot your keys, what should you do? I'm too tired to be mad, and it's very troublesome to find all kinds of tools to pry the lock. Padlocks are divided into password padlocks, iron padlocks and copper padlocks. The main specifications are 20, 30, 15, 25, 50, 40, 60 and 75mm The types of door locks such as drawer locks, color locks, handle locks, electric control locks, etc. are different for each type of door lock, and the places where they are decorated are also different, and their safety and stability are also different. Among the types of household door locks, it is better to choose a door lock exceeding Class B, which has higher safety performance and requires more than half an hour for anti-opening technology.The waterproof padlock can help you solve these problems.

Aluminum Steel Shackle Safety Padlocks

Aluminum Steel Shackle Safety Padlocks

The metal material includes pure metal and alloy. The main reason for the quality difference is that the pig iron is easy to rust, and the reason is that the complex chemical change occurs in the contact between iron and pig iron. In the padlock, the rust prevention measure is that the industrial use of carbon monoxide and hematite to smelt metal iron, and the chemical equation of the reaction is that there is a reduction reaction between pig iron and pig iron. Aluminum padlock have very good performance. The reason for its corrosion resistance is that expressed by chemical equation waste padlocks should not be discarded at will and should be recycled.The aluminum padlock is light in weight, strong and durable, with a strong aluminum lock body and a hard chrome-plated steel lock beam. The eccentric lock can provide customized service.