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What are the advantages of lockout tagout?

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What are the advantages of lockout tagout?

Lockout tagout is a common method and tool used in many countries to prevent personnel from misoperation during mechanical and electrical maintenance. The lockout tagout prevents personal injury by isolating and locking certain dangerous energy sources. The lockout tagout supplier locks and isolates the shut-off energy by certain procedures to ensure that relevant personnel working in hazardous energy locations will not be injured. Lockout tagout tags are labeling to display warnings while using lockout tagout devices to ensure that relevant personnel working in hazardous energy locations are aware of the hazards. So, let's introduce in detail what are the advantages of lockout tagout?

Here is the content list:

l Reduce safety risks

l Warning effect

l The actual operation is convenient and fast

l With key

Reduce safety risks

Many accidents have proved that personnel lacking safety awareness and ignoring lockout tagout safety will often cause major safety accidents. For example, the production department of a company places an order for repairing lifting equipment. At that time, the safety management department stipulated that the power supply must be cut off before maintenance, but the two maintenance personnel had low safety awareness and forgot to carry lockout tagout tags during maintenance. One of the employees directly wrote a note prohibiting closing and pasted it on the power switch of the equipment to be repaired, and started repairing, but the note fell off. When the employees of the station wanted to use the machine, they did not expect that there was still someone inside and turned on the machine directly, causing an accident. This shows that the use of lockout tagout devices is very necessary.

Warning effect

The use of lockout tagout is to warn people that they must approach live parts of the device or prohibit operating the device. The lockout tagout is also used to indicate where the staff can work and to remind other safety matters that must be paid attention to when working. Using lockout tagout can greatly reduce the casualties and accidents of some personnel.

The actual operation is convenient and fast

The actual operation of lockout tagout is convenient and fast, novices do not need relatively complicated actual operations, and it is easy to get started. However, lockout tagout also needs to arrange training for related employees, including pre-job training, to ensure that employees can distinguish the security issues hidden in the equipment, and to ensure that employees are familiar with the correct lockout tagout program. Employees need to implement and track equipment that does not meet standards and improve measures.

With key

Authorized employees are equipped with their special locks for lockout tagouts. There are special locks and labels and storage places for operating records within the company.

The lockout tagouts are only equipped with a key, and the key should be kept by authorized employees who use the lock. Each employee's padlock must use a tag to indicate that the energy source is locked and that the employee is authorized to work on the machine, equipment, process, or circuit.

All in all, the lockout tagouts are mainly used as a safety warning, which can reduce safety problems in the production process.

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