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Keying Security
Keying Security is Equally Important to Physical Security in Commercial Security Applications.
Keying security includes both (a) the security designed into the padlock's cylinder and operating key, and (b) the way in which the product is supplied to the marketplace. EP Lock stands alone among padlock suppliers in both categories of keying security: 
EP Lock provides the largest range of tight-tolerance cylinders and keys that vastly eliminate unwanted key interchange. This will better ensure that one employee's key will not be able to inadvertently open a second lock. Master Lock offers key control services, charted and reserved systems all of which assure that your company's padlocking system maintains the utmost in key integrity, even as you reorder padlocks year-after-year. This means that additional padlocks ordered can all be specified to operate by distinct keys, if that is your requirement. 

Key System Capacity 
All cylinders have limits to the number of change keys that can be provided. Be aware that whenever KD padlocks are supplied from open stock, the possibility exists that two or more locks provided will have the same operating key. This possibility of overlap increases as additional non-charted (see Charting Service) stock orders are received. It is important to know the key change limits of the padlocks you are considering for your security system. If the supplier does not, or can not, provide this information, the integrity of your keying system may be suspect.



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