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  • What are the regulations governing electrical lockout?
    Maintenance work is work dealing with equipment failures, so the risk of personal injury is greatly increased. Every year, maintenance personnel always account for more than half of the company's production safety accidents. With the company's gradual implementation of electrical lockouts, maintenan
  • What is the role of lockout tagout?
    Industry development has brought countless things to mankind. However, in the production process, it is not so smooth. If you are not careful, accidents can happen at any time. Some accidents are hard to avoid, and some accidents can be avoided. The lockout tagout solves the safety problems caused by the misoperation of the energy source. Next, let us introduce what is the function of the lockout tagout.
  • What is the purpose of the valve lockout?
    Valve lockout, many people are not unfamiliar to hear this word, because it is used very frequently in our lives, and the valve lockout has many uses, so where can the valve lockout be used? What types of locks are there? And how to install it? Next, I will introduce the knowledge about these aspects in detail for everyone, let's take a look at it together!
  • What is the method of opening the valve lockout?
    Many plants today are installing heaters, the installation of heaters will also be installed in the case of heating the gate valve, some of the installations of the valve lockout, and if there is a common fault must be opened and how to operate? What are the common problems with the installation of valve lockouts? Today I will give the guys to do these aspects of the details.
  • What is the importance of lockout tagout
    The use of lockout tagout​ in the production process is not very common. This is because safety accidents during maintenance are habitually attributed to individuals. In addition, the safety system construction of enterprises and factories is not perfect, and the knowledge of lockout tagout is not enough. Lockout tagout is to protect employees who are using and maintaining equipment by isolating and locking electrical switches and pipeline valves, to achieve the purpose of avoiding accidents and creating a safe working environment. Now, let me introduce in detail what is the importance of lockout tagout.
  • What are the types and working principles of electrical lockouts?
    The electrical lockout can be used to lock large and medium-sized or interlocking shut-off valve rockers. In addition, it can also be applied to high and low-voltage power distribution cabinets and power distribution cabinets. So, what are the classifications of electrical lockouts? How does it work? Here are some introductions.
  • What are the considerations for valve lockouts?
    Valve lockouts are a type of industrial production security handle locks, which are designed to ensure that machinery and equipment with gate valves are closed and kept in a safe condition. The following is a description of the considerations for valve lockouts.
  • What are the considerations for the purchase of ball valve lockout?
    The ball valve lockout is one of the more applied security locks in our daily lives, it has excellent characteristics. People in the case of the purchase of the flange ball valve lockout, it is likely to ignore some matters that should be noted, resulting in the purchase of unsuitable flange ball valve lockout or after the purchase caused a series of problems, so here to introduce the following considerations for the purchase of ball valve lockout.
  • What are the characteristics of lockout tagouts?
    Lockout tagouts are used to prevent equipment or personnel injury accidents caused by accidental operation of the power system or the sudden release of harmful energy sources (such as electricity, compressed air, hydraulic pressure, etc.) during equipment maintenance installation and debugging equipment transformation. Lockout tagouts can make the production process safer. Let us take a closer look at the characteristics of lockout tagouts.
  • What are the characteristics of a valve lockout?
    The application of valve lockouts is very extensive and the market demand is also very large. As we all know, a valve lockout is a kind of safety lock. Besides, what else do we know about the characteristics of valve lockouts? Here are some introductions.
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