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What is the method of opening the valve lockout?

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What is the method of opening the valve lockout?

Many plants today are installing heaters, the installation of heaters will also be installed in the case of heating the gate valve, some of the installations of the valve lockout, and if there is a common fault must be opened and how to operate? What are the common problems with the installation of valve lockouts? Today I will give the guys to do these aspects of the details.

Here is the content list:

  • Open method

  • Installation of common problems

Open method

The valve lockout is not open at will, it must be equipped with the relevant key, and the key will generally be stored by the heating company's technical professional staff. If you have to have it serviced, you can contact the staff by phone and they will show you the relevant key.

There is a red dot on the key to match the gate valve on the upper side of the smaller, before opening the door lock must be lightly pressed, prompting the upper side of the locking cap to pop up, in the case of open, later with dragging out the locking cap upwards, and then use the trigger to turn the pulling rod, will see the upper side of the meter needle will appear to change. For example, the data on the top side will appear from zero to one. Zero indicates that off, one indicates that open.

If there is no key to open the ball valve lockout, you must have some skills, for example, some people can be based on the magnet, there are also based on auscultation, you can distinguish the part and number of magnetic points inside. To get a good mark, and later listen to the sound and open with magnets. This way is not anyone can operate, the difficulty factor is slightly larger, you must have relevant work experience if you must open the valve lockout, it is best to contact the heating business workforce, private do not have to open casually.

Installation of common problems

Before installation, you must check the connection of the gate valve has some waste, or the upper side of the blockage of the problem, to be properly handled. To check the location of each connection, the foot bolt, a nut is not proportional, and to tighten it. Before installation, you must check that the valve model and specifications are compatible to ensure that it is consistent with the gate valve. In the case of installing a gate valve lockout, there is a valve driver and some indoor space should be pre-buried. Installation of the case must be by the provisions, and the valve lockout cannot be taken out at will, it has a bullet yellow connected inside, in addition to the lock and its oil circuit board these, to not technical professional staff dry million cannot be taken out privately, will endanger the application of the valve lockout.

Yueqing Elecpopular Safety Products Co., Ltd recommends that you read the above information carefully before using the valve lockout.


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