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What is the purpose of the valve lockout?

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What is the purpose of the valve lockout?

Valve lockout, many people are not unfamiliar to hear this word, because it is used very frequently in our lives, and the valve lockout has many uses, so where can the valve lockout be used? What types of locks are there? And how to install it? Next, I will introduce the knowledge about these aspects in detail for everyone, let's take a look at it together!

Here is the content list:

  • Use and type of valve lockout

  • How to install the valve lockout

Use and type of valve lockout

Valve lockout is suitable for sliding doors and windows, drawers, cabinets, etc. The lock core in the valve lockout is rotated by the pin shaft, and then the lock tongue is connected with the lock core as a whole, and the lock body can cover the lock tongue seat. It is anti-theft, simple and convenient to install, safe and reliable, and has a unique design, beautiful appearance, and certain decoration and beautification effects.

Stainless steel flat mouth type

Stainless steel flat mouth ball valve lockout, referred to as stainless steel ball valve lockout, is stamped from 304 stainless steel plate and finally formed after several assembly procedures. Mainly used in the instrument industry, electromechanical equipment industry, packaging industry, logistics industry, etc., and stainless-steel products industry.

Heavy military

Military products are certainly not light in weight. They are mainly used in military bags. However, with the sharing of resources, many of them are also used in industrial packaging supplies, such as packaging boxes, transport boxes, and airboxes.

Car type

Carriage type, this type is mainly used in the fasteners of the car compartment, trunk compartment, or the rear compartment of the electric tricycle.

Insurance type

The main reason is to add safety based on itself so that the lock cannot be opened or bounced at will, which plays a role in safety protection.

How to install the valve lockout

The normal gate valve lockout itself has a belt mounting hole, so the installation is very simple and convenient. Of course, sometimes according to the actual situation, the required holes are different, then different installation methods should be adopted, such as installation without drilling.

If the installation is not perforated, some of the original installation holes are reserved, so you don't need to use them. If mounting holes are not used, then welding can be used to install the valve lockout directly on the part.

This installation method is recommended to be considered clearly and used. If the product and parts are fixed once welding, it will be more troublesome to modify.

If it is for temporary fixation, spot welding can be used. Spot welding at several important positions. When disassembling, use a grinder to grind off the solder joints. Of course, the materials of the products and parts must meet the welding requirements.

About the purpose and type of the valve lockout and how to install the valve lockout, then all the introduction is here. If you want to know more about it, you can log on to, Yueqing Elecpopular Safety Products Co., Ltd, and we are happy to serve you.


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