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What are the regulations governing electrical lockout?

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What are the regulations governing electrical lockout?

Maintenance work is work dealing with equipment failures, so the risk of personal injury is greatly increased. Every year, maintenance personnel always account for more than half of the company's production safety accidents. With the company's gradual implementation of electrical lockouts, maintenance employees have gradually completed the process of changing from unfamiliar to familiar with electrical lockouts, from shelving them to working essentials. Every day from pre-shift safety talks to pre-shift safety meetings, from electrical lockouts before equipment repairs to equipment maintenance meetings on holidays, all the time, it reminds maintenance personnel of the necessity of using electrical lockouts in their work. So, what are the regulations governing electrical lockouts? Here are some introductions.

Here is the content list:

  • Clearly defined

  • Clear target

  • Attention to registration

  • Double listing lock

  • Use alone

Clearly defined

The push button lockout is effective. Clear definition of effective lock, the effective lock is to lock the primary energy of equipment and facilities.

Clear target

Plug lockouts are padlocks and are not allowed to be used to lock cabinets, toolboxes, and other aspects. They can only be used to lock energy. The object to be safely locked must consider all energy, such as mechanical energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, sound energy, radiant energy, potential energy, etc.

Attention to registration

Separate knives and switches must be made of brake boxes. The gate valve must be effectively locked with chains, locks, and other effective locks. When the gate valve is safely locked for gas, oxygen, and acetylene, a blind plate must be used to effectively block it. For the switch cabinets that can be closed and closed, buckles are generally installed on the door. Before the maintenance, the plant maintenance and operators jointly release, disconnect or block any stored energy. After both parties confirm that the system to be maintained no longer has harmful energy release, close the brake box and switch cabinet, and hang the circuit breaker lockout. Workshops and teams must make personal lock registration ledgers, indicate the numbers and names of the holders, and manage them.

Double listing lock

The maintenance system personnel should hang "under maintenance", and the operator should hang "prohibit closing". During the inspection and repair process, the operator ensures that "closing is prohibited" is achieved.

Use alone

A set of locks and keys shall be the only one for exclusive use, held by the employee, and shall not be used in combination. The lock and key shall be kept by the holder and shall not be lost. In case of loss, it must be reported and filed, and the personal lock procedure must be re-processed. During the maintenance operation, the principle of who works and who locks is adhered to, and different tasks are locked by different people (when multiple people at the same locking point are locked, scissors must be used to lock) the same task is locked by more than one person. It is strictly forbidden to replace the security lock with the supervision of others.

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