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What are the characteristics and uses of the valve lockout?

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What are the characteristics and uses of the valve lockout?

The high quality and professional advantages of the door lock characteristics and features are more prominent. The anti-theft core of the valve lockout consists of polyester PA, stainless steel plate with teeth, and stainless-steel plate, which makes the valve lockout sturdier and more reliable. Valve lockout can effectively lock various sizes of shut-off valve remote control, effectively lock large and small levers, T-shaped remote control, and other fixed mechanical equipment. With good adjustment and safety performance, it can ensure the operation of the safety factor of mechanical equipment in the shut-off valve. It has certain impact resistance and corrosion resistance. In some dangerous places with strong anti-corrosion properties, the valve lockout also everything works properly. The valve lockout has certain impact resistance and wide applicability and can be used in other places. The following is an introduction to the characteristics, uses, and application sites of valve lockouts.

Here is the content list:

l Features

l Applicable sites

l Use


The valve lockout is easy to install and use. It is made of industrial-grade steel and nylon material for durability. The advanced shark tooth clamping design allows the ball valve to be locked tighter and more securely. The valve lockout is powerful enough to lock commonly used sizes of ball valves at right angles. Flexible fixed arm design more precisely improves the valve lockout safety performance. Valve lockout has good resistance to high temperature, corrosion, and solubility, and can be used in a variety of enterprises affecting the harsh social environment. It has low production and manufacturing cost, a fast operation process, is easy to install and disassemble, fast, favorable, high safety factor, and is sturdy. And it is usually applicable to many manufacturing production manufacturing fields.

Applicable sites

The gate Valve lockout can be used for power main switch, the key contains electrical switch isolation switch, key switch, etc. It can also be used for the pneumatic valve power switch, the key contains car engines and high-pressure vessels, etc. The gate Valve lockout can also be used for valves, the key contains pipeline, storage tank, shut-off valve, gate valve, etc. It can also be used in areas where safety must be observed, such as corrosive chemicals, storage tanks, gasoline drums, etc. Other areas where management authority must be carried out can likewise use gate valve lockouts, such as safety tool cabinet management methods, natural gas tank management methods, storage management, walking agencies, etc.


The ball valve lockout applies to China's petroleum, chemical, industry pipeline system can use the gate valve for information security protection. The ball valve lockout is also suitable for water conservancy, electric power, municipal, and other government pipeline systems for gate valve security protection. It is also suitable for pharmaceutical, paper, steel, beverage, and other large pipeline systems used for gate valves for security protection. This utility model applies to the construction industry, commercial areas, and other pipeline systems used in the gate valve for safety protection. The ball valve lockout applies to all other pipeline systems equipped with gate valves for safety protection.

Yueqing Elecpopular Safety Products Co., Ltd's valve lockout products have remarkable features and are widely used and can be applied to a variety of sites.


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