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What are the characteristics of a valve lockout?

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What are the characteristics of a valve lockout?

The application of valve lockouts is very extensive and the market demand is also very large. As we all know, a valve lockout is a kind of safety lock. Besides, what else do we know about the characteristics of valve lockouts? Here are some introductions.

Here is the content list:

l Structural features

l Management system

Structural features

Lock cylinder

The main body of the ball valve lockout assembly padlock is the lock core, all parts are contained by it, and will be blocked at the wholesale price.

Lock beam

The locking beam is an important original locking mechanism, which can work under certain static working pressure.

Lock cylinder

There are two shifting claws on the top of the head of the lock core of the gate valve lockout. The shifting claws and the lock tongue cooperate to change the posture under the action of force. The lock tongue of the shifting pawl makes a retracting movement to change the rotation of the lock core into the lock tongue. To better develop the practical effect of anti-shifting of the lock, the key groove of the lock cylinder is mostly produced and processed into an S shape or a special shape.


The lock tongue is a kind of atresia tissue that closely cooperates with the lock beam, which requires both flexible expansion and contraction and a certain compressive strength. The top of the lock tongue and the tongue groove of the lock beam cooperate. When the lock beam is pressed down, the slope is used to generate the working pressure of the lock beam, and the bottom plan view of the lock tongue is used to prevent the lock beam from jumping up exercise. The dial groove at the bottom end of the lock tongue cooperates with the lock core to realize the unlocking function of the lock. In addition, when the lock tongue is squeezed and retracted by the lock beam, the lock core cannot rotate.

Management system

Due to the management function of the gate valve lockout, one padlock can be equipped with multiple keys. These keys are divided into multiple types due to their different functions and permissions. Usually, these keys form a key management system for a gate valve lockout.

Cannot open the key series

Each valve lockout has a unique key, and the lock and the lock cannot be mutually opened.

Tongkat key series

All the valve lockouts and valve lockouts in the designated group can be opened to each other, and anyone or several keys can open all the padlocks in the group. Multiple groups can be specified, and the groups cannot be opened to each other.

Different open master key series

Each valve lockout in the designated group controls a unique key. The valve lockout and the valve lockout cannot be mutually opened, but there is a master key to open all the valve lockouts in the group. Multiple groups can be customized, and the master keys between the groups cannot be mutually opened, but you can appoint a higher-level manager key to open all padlocks in the group.

Same open master key series

After multiple groups in a group with the same key series, if you need to appoint a higher-level supervisor to open all groups, you can add the same key.

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