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What are the characteristics of lockout tagouts?

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What are the characteristics of lockout tagouts?

Lockout tagouts are used to prevent equipment or personnel injury accidents caused by accidental operation of the power system or the sudden release of harmful energy sources (such as electricity, compressed air, hydraulic pressure, etc.) during equipment maintenance installation and debugging equipment transformation. Lockout tagouts can make the production process safer. Let us take a closer look at the characteristics of lockout tagouts.


Here is the content list:

  • Reduce the occurrence of safety accidents

  • Guaranteed lockout

  • As a warning


Reduce the occurrence of safety accidents

  • Safety accidents are difficult to prevent. Even in projects with good safety facilities, various accidents may occur. Supervisors must earnestly fulfill their safety responsibilities, especially for projects with higher risks, our supervision work must be more cautious. Proceed with caution and do a good job in the management of the front and middle machinery and on-site. In the production process, use some equipment that can ensure safety, such as lockout tagouts. Lockout tagouts can effectively ensure safe production on site. Using lockout tagouts can make the production process by the conditions of the machine and product safety standards to prevent personal injury and property loss, and reduce production accidents. Producers want to eliminate and control harmful factors, protect personal safety and health, equipment and facilities from damage, and the environment from damage, so they must pay attention to safe production.


Guaranteed lockout

  • To avoid the accidental release of hazardous energy or materials accumulated in equipment facilities or system areas, all hazardous energy and material isolation facilities should be locked. Every person involved in the production should confirm that the isolation is in place and lockout tagouts, and communicate with relevant personnel on time. During the entire production period (including shifts), lockout tagouts should be maintained at all times. To ensure that lockout hasps and lockout tagout tags are placed in the correct position. When it is difficult to lock under special circumstances, other personnel should do the lock under supervision. The key to the safety lock must be kept by the production personnel.


As a warning

  • The use of lockout tagout is used to warn people to prohibit access to live parts of the device or to prohibit the operation of the device. The lockout tagout is also used to indicate where workers can work, and to remind other safety matters that must be paid attention to when working. Using lockout tagout devices can greatly reduce the casualties and accidents of production personnel.

  • The safety lockout solution can provide a safe production method for many production factories and enterprises, and increase the utilization rate of lockout tagout devices.


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