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What are the considerations for the purchase of ball valve lockout?

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What are the considerations for the purchase of ball valve lockout?

The ball valve lockout is one of the more applied security locks in our daily lives, it has excellent characteristics. People in the case of the purchase of the flange ball valve lockout, it is likely to ignore some matters that should be noted, resulting in the purchase of unsuitable flange ball valve lockout or after the purchase caused a series of problems, so here to introduce the following considerations for the purchase of ball valve lockout.

Here is the content list:

  • Look at the surface treatment

  • Brand

  • Valve types

  • Material

  • Testing standards

  • Packaging

Look at the surface treatment

  • Valve lockouts are subjected to a technical and professional plating process, painting or coloring before leaving the factory, and this process is beneficial for valve lockouts. After this process, a protective film will appear on the hardware locks, with the effect of anti-corrosion air oxidation. Customers touching this area of valve lockouts for the first time can consider the merits of the product based on this point.


  • Should choose a high-profile, long history of large brands or well-known brand regional agents, with sufficient economic strength and stable network structure, to ensure that service programs and after-sales service prevent product quality problems caused by disputes. Here we highly recommend Yueqing Elecpopular Safety Products Co., Ltd.’s gate valve lockout products are very good and cost-effective, and we have a smooth network structure to ensure the service items and after-sales service.

Valve types

  • There are various types of valves, divided into ball valves, disc valves, globe valves, rotary valves, and other types, so the choice of valve lockout must also be clear about the type of valve required.


  • There are very many materials used in the production and manufacture of ball valve lockouts, fusing the natural environment in which the ball valve lockout is applied, such as whether it is wet and cold, whether it is high temperature, and whether it must be corrosion resistant, to select the right ball valve lockout. Ball valve lockout can choose a variety of materials, according to the natural environment of the lock application, such as gas dryness, high temperature, corrosion resistance, to select the appropriate lock.

Testing standards

  • In our country for the ball valve lockout has a strict specification, and at this stage of sales market ball valve lockout a variety of various styles, the good and the bad, there are some small manufacturers to better save costs and substandard, not according to the norms to manufacture, high-profile brands are generally will follow the norms of production and manufacturing.


  • Check the ball valve lockout packaging signs, signs are complete (including goods, including national standards, level, the name of the manufacturing company, detailed address, production, and manufacturing date) rotation material is solid, the content of the instructions for use is consistent with the goods, exaggerated, do not match the objective facts.

Yueqing Elecpopular Safety Products Co., Ltd has been dedicated to the development and production of ball valve lockouts for many years. Due to the excellent quality of our products, we have developed a good reputation in the industry.


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