Safety Locks Occupy an Indispensable Position in The Safety Production of Enterprises

Jan. 15, 2020

Safety is the foundation of family happiness, and accidents are the source of pain. Enterprise development is inseparable from safe production, and safe work should be given priority. In order to avoid accidents that cause injuries to people and property damage, corresponding accident prevention and control measures are taken to ensure that the production process is carried out in accordance with prescribed conditions.

In such an era that requires high quality and high efficiency, in order to meet customers' increasingly high product requirements for modern industrial safety locks, companies must continue to overcome technical difficulties and make their own safety locks functional, appearance, and safety. Sex can well respond to market challenges.

What are custom electrical switch lockouts? When the energy (electricity, hydraulic pressure, air pressure, etc.) of machines and facilities is turned off for maintenance and maintenance work; Lockout is to close, isolate and lock the energy control switch according to a certain procedure. To ensure that no one involved in the work at the machine is injured; Tagout: After the energy control switch is locked, a warning sign is hung and the danger is notified.

Power switch, air source switch, pipeline valve switch, non-operating personnel can not approach, etc. These equipments and occasions need to be equipped with a durable safety padlock to prevent erroneous operation and warn operators. The important role of using a safety lock is to properly lock, close, or isolate the work object, so that workers can effectively use the safety lock to assist in work during work to prevent accidents.

Durable Safety Padlock

Durable Safety Padlock

The valve lock is mainly used to lock the valve to protect the safety of the valve. The application of valve locks is related to the importance of safe operation. Some valves are always open and some valves are always closed. This requires safety considerations to avoid misoperation. Therefore, the author designed a valve lock. The valve lock is one of industrial safety lock The purpose of the category is to ensure that the equipment using the valve is absolutely closed and the equipment is kept in a safe state. The use of locks can prevent accidental operation of the equipment, causing injury or death, and another purpose is to serve as a warning.

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